Highest recommendations: My five-star reviews so far

If you want some recommendations, here they are.


Peppermint Candy (1999)

  Peppermint Candy is told in reverse-chronological order. Viewers may recall a similar device in Memento, released the following year. However, whereas Memento's employment of the device was an initially interesting but ultimately forgettable gimmick, Peppermint Candy's usage enables a deeper historical and psychological resonance. And it is, crucially, the double-level of psychology and history, micro and … Continue reading Peppermint Candy (1999)

Sympathy for Mister Vengeance (2002)

Korean director Park Chan-wook crossed over into 'Western' popularity with culty, ultraviolent festival-hit Oldboy. This was a thematic sequel to the less well-known Sympathy for Mister Vengeance, in a trilogy that concluded with the disappointing Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. In my rarely-humble opinion, Sympathy for Mister Vengeance is the best of the three. Like Chan-wook's earlier … Continue reading Sympathy for Mister Vengeance (2002)