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Movies that influenced me

Movies that influenced me

Cribbing from that Facebook meme, here's 10 movies that influenced me personally. In other words this is old content for my Facebook friends, but I wanted to collect these together rather than letting them dissolve into the social media ether. The original meme says poster with no commentary, but I opted instead for screencaps with … Continue reading Movies that influenced me

Favourite films each year of my life (1988-2017)

Inspired by the politics and philosophy podcast Owls at Dawn, I'm listing my favourite films from each year I've been alive. 1988: They Live Conspiracy theories may be dangerously simplistic explanations of the real world, but they make for great allegorical narrative. Bonus: writer-director John Carpenter is opposed to anti-Semitic interpretations of the film. 1989: … Continue reading Favourite films each year of my life (1988-2017)